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About us

CORPORATE WEB SERVICES have been delivering quality tailor-made software solutions to a diverse clientele since it was founded in 2004. We embrace the web as a means to enhance business processes and our development team has combined Internet development experience of more than 30 years in all areas of development and design. We value integrity, agility and innovation and we know the proof is in the execution. To this end our list of successfully executed projects bear testimony to our development skills.

Our Services

Customised web applications

Customised web applications. We build systems that enhance your business processes by leveraging the advantages of web based communication and collaboration. Be it to concentrate information at Head Office or to disseminate data down to the workforce we can design and develop practical, cost effective solutions for your reality.


Intranets are an excellent tool for internal company communication and collaboration between various business units in an organisation.

Online learning Systems

More and more companies are moving employee training and assessment online, and why not? It's cheaper and they don't even need to leave the office.

Survey Systems

Web based survey systems are a great way to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are from a customer service, or product quality point of view. This ofcourse is just one of many utilisations for an online survey tool.

Website Design

Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of web development, from a small informational webpage to a full blown e-commerce solution.

Your Solution

Every business is unique and so are their processes, workflows and reporting requirements. Let us find the perfect solution for you.

Our Customers

Tanker Services
MCC Group
Lindsay Saker
CMH Group
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Marx Attorneys

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